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In today’s fast-changing world, new technologies are powerful levers. They can make businesses thrive or, on the contrary, become obsolete in a second. In order to  remain competitive, businesses need to invest in people and technology. 

Agile methods have become popular over the past decade. Why? Instead of sequentially building software products and services, lean methods are based on short development cycles, iterative improvement, client feedback and small software development teams. This methodology allows to provide a better output, more quickly, through short and interactive sessions (“sprints”).

We have the tools, expertise and know-how to upgrade old systems to cloud platforms and modernize the most critical ones. We offer a unique combination of a powerful web app platform and build-for-change consulting services. We closely work hand-in-hand with you to reinvent the future of your business and the way it builds and deploys web apps. We empower your teams to rapidly produce secure software solutions. 

6 reasons entreprises work with AppDrag


We value our clients

At AppDrag, clients come first. Indeed, since its inception in 2016, we’ve made this our modus operandi, not just our mantra. We grow through reputation and trust, reaching new heights as we successfully transform our clients’ businesses.

We have channeled the vast experience of our lead development team with that of our enterprise clients to identify a strategy and approach that delivers exceptional outcomes.  “TIIMS” (Total Intelligence Information Management System) is the result.


We help you become highly agile

The core principle of TIIMS is to grow clients’ involvement but also generate greater teams responsiveness. The 4 fundamental values of this methodology are:
- team: our staff is fully dedicated to our clients' projects and iterations in order to allow rapid evolution in each phase 
- application: we work fast on focussed project functionalities rather than on excessively time-consuming specifications and  plans
- cooperation: cooperation between our staff and clients’ teams is essential to deliver successful projects
- acceptance of change: in a rapid development process, things can evolve quickly. A flexible mindset that is receptive to better ways of doing things can greatly benefit expedient and effective sprint sessions.

When these fundamental values are respected, we can exponentially reduce our clients’ deployment timescales, enabling truly accelerated time-to-market 


We automate your processes

We can help you automate your procedures to save you time and money, often by optimizing structures and tasks. How does it work? 

Initially we conduct a detailed analysis of your organization to understand how your business operates. Then we work in collaboration with the CTO/ISD/technical team to make an inventory of the functionalities and define your company’s needs.

We then design a suitable strategy and deploy it in conjunction with your technical team. 

In the final stage we complete production and conduct a comprehensive review leading to go-live.


We offer you interactive and continuous assistance while providing you with the right tools to reach full autonomy

Just because your project is in production does not mean that the work is completed. After production launch we continue to:
- give training: we provide training for managers, developers, marketing & sales teams to teach them how to use our tools and share the developments -carried out for our clients
- offer support via email and telephone every day of the week
- consult: we commit to working with our clients on development projects and new features. Our main objective is to advise our clients as efficiently as possible so that they can benefit from a stable and scalable infrastructure. We aim for a “doing together” approach with clients’ teams.


Multiple services, one platform

You can benefit from a comprehensive environment allowing you to manage your hosting, frontend, backend, domain name, bulk-mailing and much more all from the console. A smart way to save time!


Open source technology with no lock-in

Our platform uses only standard market technologies giving developers, designers, integrators, graphic designers the opportunity to use our solution for their projects. For the frontend HTML/CSS/JS, Angular, React or Vue.JS can be used. For the backend, NET, Ruby, Node.JS, Python and GO are available. Our platform allows projects to be exported at any time, offering our clients total freedom.

How Appdrag works for you


Create innovative client-centric projects with your usual languages and tools. Deploy them in a scalable cloud environment. Spend more time on your core business and much less on server configuration and maintenance.

Digital transformation LEADERS

Learn how to accelerate the digitization of your company's processes in a reliable and scalable way. Assign your team members to tasks that matter and facilitate their operations through a digital seamless path. 

Business Leaders

Partner with us to enable change and boost your business performance, productivity and innovation potential. Design solutions for your customers faster and create what they really need and want.

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