Store and fetch data in serverless relational database

Cloud Database

Relational scalable database

We offer high availability and high performance scalable database hosted in the cloud. 100% MySQL compatible, provided with a REST API and a NPM package to fetch data sets and execute queries. 

Cloud db

Cloud DB interface works like a spreadsheet with a real database system. It is ideal for team collaboration users who can create tables, columns, records and link tables to one another, sort, record and create embeddable views.

Custom fields

Standard SQL fields are provided in the form of numbers, text, dates. In addition, advanced fields are available in the form of url, phone, images, color pickers, icons, … Relations between tables are made available through the use of inked fields.


As database security is crucial, AppDrag cloud database provides different levels of sharing from the full project database to specific tables or specific views. Sharing can be done in read only or read write access. Custom filters make it possible to share rows from a table based on certain column values.

Backups & imports

Database backups are made every single day. They can be downloaded and restored. Export and download of MySQL dump are available as well as CSV export. Tables can be imported from SQL files or CSV.