Create high quality frontends

Cloud CMS

Code editor

Code edition in HTML, CSS and JS with live preview is available. Code editor provides completion and formatting tool. It improves and corrects the line of code automatically. In a safe working environment on the cloud, the automated versioning tracks all the previous versions of each file. History enables you to preview and restore a previous version in a single click.


Efficient Page Builder offers real time visual page edition : each element is directly shown in the builder (creation, animation, effect…). You can view on the builder the design as it will appear on the published website with mouse adjusting for padding, margin, image height, element moving.  

The builder is responsive by default and each screen size can be visually seen and customized. Text element, pictures, gallery are automatically resized for each screen size. You just need one click to check web design on all supports : desktop, tablets, smartphone, vertical, and horizontal.

Visibility tool allows to show or hide any content on a defined support. User experience and SEO take full advantage of enhanced responsive Page Builder.  

We offer multi languages websites with an integrated translation system. Up to 110 languages are available to convert content in other languages. All the textual elements of a page appear in a form to be translated automatically or manually :  menu, meta, headline, paragraph, bouton… The translation system linked to the SEO configurator switches automatically the page language.  


E-shop creator with an enhanced front-end offers customizable item list and article template. You can create a shop online template with elements links to shop product components (title, price, description, barcode, category, add to cart…). Each shop section can be managed independently and the categories to display can be set in one click.

Add product and other categories can be monitored directly through the back office form, once the category selection and publication appear on the website. The product description is SEO compliant with an automatic Meta Title and Meta Description allocation. Products list can be imported or exported as CSV to update all articles or categories efficiently.  

Back office section is customized to manage all the sales and supply chain in a few clicks : 
- add shipping services with rate generator (according to the weight, delivery place…)
- deliver shipping information automatically by mail to customers (paid, shipped, ready for pickup or cancelled) 
- generate discount code with a form (code, description, conditions and usage limits)
- order history and invoice  
- payment service configuration in app (Stripe, Paypal...)

We offer user experience optimization with strong customer authentication and payment security (2 factors authentication, 3D secure, PayPal or Stripe). 


We offer efficient blog articles creation and management without downloading any extra plug-in. The articles section works as a word processor (writing content, adding media, and finalizing page layout). Just one click is required to draft or publish an article without any need to publish all the website. 

Allocating one or many categories to a post will help manage the blog appearance and improve the user experience of the website. Adding or removing a category can be done directly on the article setting form. The dashboard reports how many posts are linked to a category, the blog activity and most popular posts.   

All the SEO tag can be optimized without any coding skills : 
- title (SEO meta title) and description (SEO meta description) directly on the article configuration form
- heading (H1, H2, H3…) by choosing a paragraph format in Word or Google Doc. 
- alternative text of a picture by filling the insertion form 

You can migrate posts from an old website, add or update many articles at the same time with the one-click import/export articles tool through a CSV. 


Detailed statistics with server side analytics provide most used metrics in an optimized dashboard on a selected period (last 7 days, last 30 days, last Month, this month and custom). Fast metrics checking (excluding bots and spiders): 
- website views with a graph and a top page views rating
- daily unique visitors and nature of connection (desktop or mobile) 
- stats by country views and visitors 
- stats by referrer (how visitors are coming) 
- bandwidth and storage information (hits and size)
- access to raw logs (path, referrer, browser, IP, country, http status, process time and date)

You can activate Google Analytics in just one click in website configuration to obtain more metrics and customized reports. 

Cloud API & Cloud DB

Cloud API and Cloud Database are integrated in the Page Builder. You can create advanced forms inputs which triggers API function. Also available: dynamic data binding from a database or the result of an API function.