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Newsletter Builder

The newsletters tool provides free templates to meet any objective : information, sales, loyalty, support… All of them can be fully customized based on a specific graphic design identity (font and color) and campaign subject (picture, CTA button…). 
New elements can be added in the template such as call to action section, social network link, pictures and link button, text section. After sending a newsletter, the customized template is reusable. Templates are fully customizable by clicking on visuals or in HTML for limitless creativity. 

Each element can be configured: 
- in visual using the builder form with the “Edit Section” icon 
- in HTML through the source code editor  with the “Edit Code Source” icon. It also allows to insert dynamic data binding

Easy export : only one click is required to get the newsletter HTML code. 


Once the template and content are ready, clicking on “send” opens a fast and efficient sending form : 
- subject configuration tools: select the mail subject to be seen by the recipients in their mailbox and content language to automatically - configure the unsubscribe link and text
- sender information: show campaign sender by customizing the sender email or/and name
- planned delivery: schedule the day and hour of campaign delivery

For enhanced deliverability of each newsletter campaign, AppDrag Newsletter tools is DKIM / SPF supported. Emails are quality approved by email provider and not classified as spam. 


For each newsletter, the “Stats” dashboard provides detailed metrics as follows:
- delivered and opened mails: indicates the number of persons who received and opened the newsletter. More relevant metrics and data are - available with the emails tab : know who, when and how the receiver interacts with the campaign
- clicked emails: indicates the number and the percentage of receivers who clicked on a link or a CTA of the mailing campaign. Get more - accurate metrics with the ranking list of most clicked links
- bounced mails: reports all the rejected receiver emails
- unsubscribe: indicates the figure and proportion of receivers who unsubscribe to the newsletter. The contact is immediately removed from the mailing list 
- complaints: this rate provides the volume of newsletters reported as spam

According to the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), some metrics are deleted after 60 days. By clicking “Export” on the dashboard, all the metrics can be exported and saved as CSV.  


We offer tools to manage contacts and create one or many segmented mailing lists.
You can import up to 50,000 contacts from 4 different sources  : 
- add contact to create manually a contact with his first name, last name and email address
- import Gmail contact automatically by accessing a Gmail account
- import with CSV, link the column name to the correct field in order to add it on a (new) mailing list
- import contact from text by copying/pasting a whole list of contacts with separators 

You can save time with task automation by integrating Zapier or NPM : associate all your applications together and immediately import new contact from any support.