Create and run backend code without managing servers

Cloud API

Serverless cloud functions

Cloud API functions writing in the cloud using AWS Lambda technology. Functions can be written in the language of your choice: Node.js, Python, C#, GO, Java, Ruby and SQL. Every route can have its own settings (CPU/RAM, method for REST API, TTL, environment variables). They also can be edited within the Development, Test (pre-production) and Production environment. Most common features are provided with templates. Functions are also versioned and restorable.

Visual SQL

Visual SQL has been created for basic common backend communication with the database. It allows you to create API endpoints. Select, Insert, Update, and Delete operations on database Tables work without code writing.


Each function / route has its own metrics with the number of times it has been executed and execution time over a period. This is useful for tracking your web app’s most used features and optimizing app functions.

Scheduled tasks

API functions can be used as scheduled tasks. They are triggered automatically at a desired interval of time or a specific day and time of the week / month. Processes are run in background.


You can export functions individually or the whole backend. Exported APIs can be imported on other projects or used on-premise. Automated versioning allows to restore a previous version in just one click and function code within 30 days of history.


To connect the frontend to the backend, a documentation is automatically auto-generated based on the expected function parameters. Some routes can be hidden and the documentation is password protected. Tests can be executed directly from the documentation to preview API calls results for the frontend team. Generated samples of code are provided in Javascript, Node.js, PHP, C# to request the API. The whole API can be exported to Postman.