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user review 1

Javier Ponce

Digital Transformation Leader, Atos

We loved the powerful and intuitive page builder, our designers were able to create great responsive UX at the speed of light! We are working with AppDrag since March 2017 and we are creating more and more websites & web applications with it.

user review 2

Agnès Mazureck

Designer at Avasten Ltd

I'm using AppDrag every day since a year now and i really believe it is the best CMS on the market I was used to work with wordpress, I discovered the product and now my working life is a lot easier thanks to you Guys!!!

user review 3

Oren Simon Benitah


Great work AppDrag Team! I was waiting for a tool like that for so long... You've definitely resolved all the common issues in integrating a CMS builder for me!

user review 4

Elie Samama


I'm using AppDrag since one year for several customers and it's amazing I never look back to WP. Intuitive Page Builder and super fast cloud hosting!

user review 5

Wassim Samad

Full Stack Developer, Appalga

Our agency use AppDrag for more than one year and it fulfills all our requirements. We build websites faster and better than before with the Page Builder. The Cloud Backend made it so easy to create complex web applications with a lot of ease and flexibility!

user review 6

Cédric Pennetier

Graphist, dev front end, Caléis

As a designer, I do not have a lot of knowledge in javascript, with AppDrag i'm able to add on my pages things like Forms, Galleries, Sliders, Animations and more without coding a single line. Also I don't have to worry with hosting anymore... the perfect product for a webdesigner. Thanks AppDrag!


Hosting your websites on AppDrag will allow you to focus on your producing more instead of doing maintenance and be worried by Hackers, Virus and Bad performances issues. 

● Free SSL Certificate

● Bulletproof multilayers security

● Your data is stored in 3 different locations

● Our infrastructure is fully fault-tolerant

● We are monitoring our infrastructure 365 / 24 

●Super Fast CDN (Content Delivery Network) with 113 Points of presence, Instant access from anywhere in the world