Accelerate your learning curve


Training sessions


High performing team Members

Immediately start deploying web applications

Combining training sessions, high quality resources and lessons, your developer and it teams will feel at ease with the AppDrag platform in no time.

Train your whole team

Enhance the AppDrag experience by accelerating your team learning curve. Productivity will be multiplied.

We work in collaboration with many training centres that provide courses on frontend and backend development. The development solution we offer fully meets training centers’ expectations thanks to our white label but also the possibility of sharing or team monitoring. 

The platform also appeals to students as the environment is easy to learn. They can always ask questions to our support once the training is over.
Having a platform that manages both the frontend and backend part is a huge advantage because students can evolve in a single environment and switch from one to another in just one click.

We also organize training courses for our clients so that they can improve their skills on very specific points discussed before the training. The objective is to increase our clients’ competences so that they can make full use of our platform but also move on to ever-increasing complex projects.

These training courses are tailor-made according to the needs expressed by the client and delivered on a “one to one” basis. Last but not least, we offer follow-up sessions after the training to ensure that new knowledge and insights were acquired.