End-to-end process & workflow digitalization

Taste is the premium specialized distributor of premier snacks and beverages in major French cities. They have a network of over 1,000 points of sales all across France.  

Food-processing industry 

Cloud Backend , Cloud CMS, Cloud VM

Digitalization of retails delivery and stock warehouse processes 


The main issue that Taste was facing was the lack of interconnection of patchy software tools. This meant massive inefficiencies and lengthy and error-prone data synchronization processes. 
Accelerator needed to design, develop and implement a technology-driven solution that would make Taste's operations easier, faster and reliable. Taste required this solution to be implemented within strict budget and timescale parameters.  



A comprehensive process review and scoping exercise resulted in a full project specification incorporating key milestones and deliverables over a 6 month period. The first objective was to create a dashboard that would provide a global overview and control across key business functions including sales, logistics and accounting. A mobile application for the sales department was also developed so that every time a salesperson visits a customer, he or she can see the customer's transaction history, their current stock and place a new order based on that data.  

The second step was to connect Taste's existing ERP with their new tools and automate all the processes. Their legacy process involving CSV export/import across different platforms was completely eliminated and the synchronization process fully automated. This step also included the development of a module in the mobile application for warehouse staff so they could take delivery of the incoming products and place orders based on systemized reorder signals.  

Then, the final step involved extensive enhancements to the company's software toolkit, including development of new features to unify and integrate Taste's softwares into a single and user-friendly tool.


Accelerator's solution delivered immediate time and cost savings for Taste, resulting in positive feedback from all key stakeholders - employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders. A series of inefficient and unintegrated legacy softwares has been replaced by a highly effective unified solution incorporating an array of high performance tools. The solution was implemented from start to finish within time and budget targets.

"We have dozens of employees who need a 24/7 available platform, Accelerator made it possible."

Alexandre Mace, CEO of Taste Distribution, Paris

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