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Institut Louis Bachelier was created to stimulate exchange of knowledge, spur cooperation across economic and financial sectors and promote a sustainable financial environment. The network includes more than 400 researchers, 85 private companies and several public organizations among which la Direction Générale du Trésor and la Caisse des Dépôts that created Institut Louis Bachelier in 2008. 

Financial Research

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Display articles in a new manner with access to an interface to fill in and out, modify data


The French Research Map is an ambitious project which was to be presented to the press. It required expertise and boldness to catch the attention. It also required a seamless delivery of a reliable and efficient solution.


At the start of the project, we had many discussions with Institut Louis Bachelier to know exactly what they were aiming at. We also conducted many interviews to better understand the nature of their needs. It resulted in a full specification document with design and workflow. 

Then, we started development with fine tuning based on customer review. Institut Louis Bachelier staff were impressed with the quality of the circle hierarchical view we established for them. The client found the solution very satisfying and powerful with extremely fast loading times and rendering. 


The final version of the French Research Map met the project’s ambitious requirements. Although production time was very short, it had no negative impact on the technical and visual quality of the final result. 

"The AppDrag accelerator Team has worked on many projects for us. I have been working with them for a few years now and we have always been satisfied with the services ordered. "

Carole Alhair, Institut Louis Bachelier, Paris

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