Dashboard to analyze training VR session data 

Maxens innovation offers immersive training courses to enhance communication skills based on virtual reality and neuroscience

Virtual Reality Experience

CloudCMS & Cloud Backend

Pitch training through voice, sight and heartbeat analysis using Virtual Reality. Key user benefits consist in managing emotions, staying focused, learning to be concise and engaging with an audience 


Edwin & Edith provide an enhanced virtual reality training with a unique experience and set of data analysis. They needed to synthesize their technology in a fully tailored dashboard.


The first step was to collect all the users’ sessions information safely on the cloud. The dashboard works as an ergonomic place for coaches and users to get full reporting on the individual sessions but also on an overview in time of the overall progression. How often does the learner use the platform, does he make progress session after session, what are the project's main pain points ? It was important to be able to grasp all those aspects in an eyesight.


This very ambitious project required perfect coordination between the different service providers working on language analysis and VR experience. Project management involving multiple sprints, an agile and customer centric approach and good listening were the key success factors of this project. 
The AppDrag team was proactive throughout the whole project lifecycle. This commitment greatly contributed to a successful outcome. We are already in preparation for the V2 with AppDrag.

"AppDrag team has been proactive throughout the whole project lifecycle. This engagement on our project has been determinant. "

Lazare AKE, CEO of Maxens Innovation, Paris

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