Do you have questions?

Can I use a custom domain name with AppDrag?

Yes, of course, you can redirect your existing domain to your website on AppDrag. You can also transfer or buy a new domain directly with us.

All our offers except"LITE" include a FREE domain name for the first year, domain can be chosen in this list .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .ME, .PRO, .US, .WIN

What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept debit and credit cards (through STRIPE). When you register a card with us, we do not keep the card number in our database, we only keep a card fingerprint to be able to renew your subscriptions if needed.

Can I have a custom email address?

For domains hosted with us we include Email alias (number of aliases included depends on your plan).

Can I upgrade from Pro to Ultra once I subscribed?

Of course, you can upgrade your plan any time during your subscription. 

How long are your contracts?

All the plans can be paid monthly or annually. Of course you can always cancel your plan renewal at any time.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscrition, open the AppDrag dashboard, then click on your project then click on the tab"plan/upgrade" and finally click on"cancel".

How many visitors can I have with 1GB of bandwidth?

Let's assume an average page size of 200KB, 5 pages = 1 MB, there is 1000 KB in 1MB, 1000MB in 1GB so 1000MB x 5 = ~5000 new page views per GB. If you have returning visitors, thanks to cache system you can serve up to 10 times this amount of pages, so up to 50 000 page views with 1GB.

Can I get additional translation credit?

You can buy more translation credit at any time. The price is $10/100000 characters. You can use your credit in any project you have created.  Translation credits are used when you want to pre-translate your pages to any of the 90 supported languages.

Why should I use AppDrag?

Because we are the best of course! No kidding, our product is the easiest to use and the most powerful on the market. In addition, our competitive plans guarantee the best prices around for a superior service!

What kind of websites can I create with AppDrag?

There is no limit to your creativity! You can build any kind of website you can think of. You can start by browsing our pre-made designs to get inspired, then you can customize one of them or start from scratch.