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Amazon Web Services
HTML 5 & CSS 3

Popular features

Advanced Visual Builder

Advanced Visual Builder

Our Page Builder is intuitive and really powerful. Be more effective and produce tailored designs without writing a single line of code!​

Developer mode

Developer mode

From the page builder you can include your own code or edit completely the html/css/js files in our advanced code editor. 

Fast & reliable Cloud Hosting

Fast & reliable Cloud Hosting

Hosting your websites with us will allow you to focus on producing more instead of doing maintenance fixing issues. SSL Included.

Advanced visual builder

Our Page Builder is powerful and easy to use, Drag&Drop 500 pre-made sections & elements sorted by categories matching most professional use case.

Assemble & Design your page
Edit quickly the design of your sections & elements: margins, paddings, background color, image, video, overlay, gradient, borders, shadows, masks, animations and many more features included.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
You will also be able to write a title, a description and some keywords on the pages in few clicks to get a better SEO for your website. Moreover, each time you will save your project or add new blog or shop articles, the system will auto-submit to google and other search engines your website to get indexed faster.

Developer mode

Access to HTML, CSS, JS files with an advanced code editor to gain full control over your code. 

Create, Delete, Duplicate files and folders, Open multiple files at the same time, Syntax highlighting,  Live syntax checker, Automatic indent and outdent, Search and replace with regular expressions, Highlight matching parentheses/tags, Drag and drop text using the mouse, Code folding and more

Few features of the advanced code editor:

● Automatic Versionning of all files
● Easy process to Preview/Restore
● Automatic Code formating
● Upload files (any kind)
● Import a zip to be extracted
● Export your whole website as a zip

Open Plugin System & API

Install easily plugins on your websites to extend capabilities. You can even create your own plugins to fit your customer needs and reuse them on several projects.

Once you have created a nice template, section, element or plugin, you can publish it on the AppDrag marketplace (coming soon)

We also provide a public API to allow you to automate everything

Fast & Reliable Cloud Hosting

Hosting your websites on AppDrag will allow you to focus on your producing more instead of doing maintenance and be worried by Hackers, Virus and Bad performances issues. 

● Free SSL Certificate
● Bulletproof multilayers security
● Your data is stored in 3 different locations
● Our infrastructure is fully fault-tolerant
​● We are monitoring our infrastructure 365 / 24 
● Super Fast CDN (Content Delivery Network) with 62 Points of presence, Instant access from anywhere

Web agencies, Designers, Developers and other users of AppDrag


"We loved the powerful and intuitive page builder, our designers were able to create great responsive UX at the speed of light! We are working with AppDrag since March 2017 and we are creating more and more websites & web applications with it."

Javier, Digital Transformation Leader


As a designer, I do not have a lot of knowledge in javascript, with AppDrag i'm able to add on my pages things like Forms, Galleries, Sliders, Animations and more without coding a single line. Also I don't have to worry with hosting anymore

Cedric, Web Designer