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A Holiday Gift for You!


25 December, 2018

holiday, season, frontend, vue.js, react, angular, html5, jquery

This holiday season, we wanted to gift you by announcing our latest improvements made for the end of 2018.
You will be thrilled to see that the evolution of the Frontend and Backend will allow you to benefit from an ever more comprehensive tool.

 - Start your projects directly from "Code" (Pure HTML/CSS/JS, Bootstrap/jQuery, React, Angular, and Vue.js)

- New optimization options (minification and setting of the cache duration)

- New available methods: PUT, PATCH and DELETE in addition to GET and POST.

- Latest available languages include Ruby 2.5 and Powershell .NET Core 2.1

All that’s left for me is to wish you a very happy holiday season and to look forward in seeing you next year!

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