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06 November, 2018

2018, burger, display, cms, text, developer

So let's just say that our team of developers has been pretty busy, here at AppDrag, the past few weeks.  Enhancing your workflow and experience is always our price focus, and for that, We are proud to announce that the hard work paid off.

Here are a few super-awesome features, that are up and ready, regarding media responsiveness.

- A new text responsiveness option was added to the button's text, as well as an alignment option of the text found in the button.  
- The "burger" menu can now be deactivated and replaced by the standard header menu.  
- The display of a logo can now be toggled.  
- And finally, columns can be resized on tablet view, without affecting the desktop view.

Pretty cool, right?  Here's to making awesome responsive websites, cheers!

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