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We are working hard during summer!


14 August, 2018

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We hope you are well and had a great summer.

For our part, we worked hard this summer to provide you a platform that gets more efficient than ever.

We have made no less than 143 improvements on the platform to improve user experience, the performance of the platform and the appearance of new features.

We hope that you will enjoy our latest improvements. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

- Contact form: now manages attachments
- Photo galleries:  you can add configuration options (number of columns on mobile, type of display of contain or cover images)
- Newsletter: it is now possible to export any campaign results  in CSV (list of emails with state issued, opened, clicked, ...)
- PageBuilder: posibility to change the styles of the tags H1, H2, H3, P, ...
- PageBuilder: RTL support improvements (Hebrew / Arabic)
- SEO Assistant: Detection Enhancements & Optimizations
- Shop: adding an instant search engine component
- Shop: adding extra checkpoints when shopping
- Domains: During a domain transfer you can now request to transfer without automatically changing the name servers once the transfer is complete
- HTTPS / SSL: AppDrag now offers free wildcard certificates that include all subdomains
- NPM: update our NPM package, add features for sending emails and uploading files
- Dynamic Datasource: adding debugging options
- Cloud backend: managing environment variables for cloud functions
- Cloud backend: graphical management of indexes on the database
- Code Editor: Improved autocompletion and UI

We are obviously available at anytime if you have questions.

See you soon on AppDrag

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