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14 July, 2017

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As you know, we upload every week new templates to help you to produce websites easily. Discover this week our selection of 3 new free templates!

You want to be different when you will apply for a job? 
You can create you resume online thanks to this template.
You will find this amazing design here
You will share with the world you creations with this templates. In few clics you will personlize it with your products and your personality and start to sell. Try it here
Selling yourself is really not easy. Thanks to this design you can create your resume online and start to send your website with your resume to companies. You can find this design and try it here

As always they are free to use on AppDrag, you can start with any of our pre made designs and customize them as you like.

Don't hesitate to send us any suggestions or feedback, you can also see our entire Designs collection here 
Stay tuned next week for more amazing designs ;)

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