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01 November, 2017

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We have great news to announce. After long months of development, we can finally announce the release of a beta version of our Cloud Backend!

We are the only CMS currently on the market to offer a cloud solution to create dynamic websites (requiring a database and an API).


Here are the top 10 goals we have embarked on with this new technology:

1- Make freelances and small web agencies accessible to high-performance, scalable and quality production methods!


2- Transform a Front End Developer into a Full Stack Developer!


3- To be able to create a database without technical knowledge and to feed it

4- Enable the creation of advanced web sites and applications by reducing the development time of a database and an API by 8.

5- Be able to do everything in script or via csv import or API for experts. Easy and very powerful.

6- Allow the creation of its API without coding (Visual SQL) or by coding in its favorite language (NodeJS, Python, Java, C #, PHP, ...)

7- To be able to use several different languages according to the needs and to mix all this in a single API. It allows to answer at the same time the needs of the beginners and the experts.

8- Visual SQL is a method that we invented that allows you to visually create complex SQL queries (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) and to manage input parameters.
With this technology, we cover 95% of global API needs and 100% for most projects. Now, instead of spending 1 day of backend development to produce a 15-function API, it can be done in 1H ... and without a backend developer! 

9- An open and reassuring system: Users can at any time make a backup / restore of their database (compatible format mysql) and API (source code)

10- Cloud Backend technology relies on AWS (Amazon Web Service), which allows us to ensure unlimited scalability, high availability and complete security of your projects.

Do not hesitate, join our community of developers by previewing our Cloud Backend by clicking on the button!


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