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Need to design an outstanding gorgeous website and feeling stuck? A few hints to remember


12 April, 2020

Do you agree with the fact that generally speaking, clients want it all? When it comes to website creation and web design, it means they want awesome, dynamic, responsive platforms that also generate cash. Among your customers, you can surely name a few who have just started their own business and have very little money to invest in a website. This is not to say that they should end up with a cheap and boring site. Like everyone else, they deserve the best of your creativity, flair for design and website edition technical skills. In turn, you deserve cutting-edge website creation tools to prove your worth. Web design platforms have been flooding the market. You probably know them. But, what you might be lacking is a few tips about how to use them effectively to solve the most common challenges you are faced with. This article aims to show you can add some spice and fun to your graphic design to reflect your clients’ vision, mission and values. You will also discover smart drag and drop website builders that can help you create without much effort beautiful websites that stand out.
Challenge #1: find the right approach as well as quick and savvy answers to a creative brief

It is an understatement to say that customers request visually appealing and user friendly websites while demanding usability and ergonomics. And of course at low cost! As an experienced web professional, you know what you are capable of. Relying on robust Cloud CMS that offer a full range of valuable attributes can boost your confidence even more. What you are looking for is quick but quality inspiration. Depending on the client’s activity sector –whether it be fashion, healthcare, shipping, banking, agri-food..., you might lack insight and need a couple of triggers to push your imagination one step further. New website editors where no code is required can really make your life a lot easier. How? By enhancing your inventive genius thanks to extensive curated galleries comprising many components such as original templates, high definition pics, animated gifs, background colors, masks, paddings, patterns, styles…

Challenge #2: using a Cloud CMS will not kill your creativity

With the boom of Cloud CMS and built-in templates, you might think “These tools steal my job !”. Please change your mental software and think differently. Indeed, Cloud CMS using HTML and CSS offer sufficient room for manoeuvre in terms of creativity and customization for you to show who you are. Artificial intelligence surely simplifies, accelerates, automates but it cannot sweep off human reflection and inventivity. In spite of what it may look like, Cloud CMS encourage web designers to get out of their comfort zone, be more daring and put an end to their routine. Last but not least, these Cloud CMS have the advantage of providing global solutions; you don’t have to pay extra cost for templates, designs or images, which is not the case with WordPress or other traditional CMS.

Challenge #3: you want to create a “wow” effect with gorgeous websites and give user experience a special touch

Every time you are in the process of building a website, you have a major fear: what if someone who visits once the website will not come a second time? High expectations can lead to strong pressure on your shoulders. You know you have done a good job if the user experience is memorable and remarkable. Visual effects combined with interesting editorial contents are the key determinants for a successful immersion virtual adventure. Needless to say, you want visitors to stay as long as possible on a website, enjoy navigation, explore one page after the other and read through all contents. Creating an amazing website is certainly the result from your capacity to set up a special unique environment. The icing on the cake is when people have a lasting impression that builds loyalty and retention over the long run. Once again, Cloud CMS are powerful tools to reach those objectives.

Challenge #4: make sure your stunning website can be viewed and accessed from a computer screen, Ipad or mobile screen
Another constraint you have is to ensure website content can be distributed through all devices and frameworks. You need to give some serious thought to ergonomics and usability for smaller screens that more are demanding than big screens. Your other priority is to make sure that proportion, layout, size and scaling are respected. More precisely, the layout should be polished, pictures should be high quality, headings should be clear and user-friendly. Texts should be properly arranged with readable fonts. This is even more important for building home pages that should be clean and decluttered.

Challenge #5: your role is to design websites for anyone, anywhere, any time
Enhancing accessibility, securing navigation, guaranteeing features, checking website compliance with all browsers, ensuring appropriate placement of contents are part of your “to do” list. People love intuitive interfaces. It is crucial to avoid design errors that could end up in a very long downloading time and partial or incorrect display of texts or images. In addition, you might be tempted to use sophisticated graphic formats instead of the usual gif, jpeg and png. But, bear in mind that not everyone can read them. So, what’s the point of making advanced designs if only accessible by happy few?

Obviously, creating a “killer” website is no easy task. Not only does it require some brain but also the right tools. With the new generation of Cloud CMS now available, building websites can be as fun as assembling legos and as simple as child’s play. One-stop-shop Cloud CMS platforms are your ally. You need them as much as they need you. Not only Cloud CMS can help you create optimized custom templates but they can also improve your work habits in a significant manner. Don’t underestimate this point! Just out of curiosity, go and have look at this free templates gallery. Your feedback and comments will be much welcome.

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