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How to optimize web pages for SEO and get a better ranking on Google and other search engines


19 June, 2017

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As you know, your SEO is really important. If your SEO is done well enough you will get more trafic on your website and potentially more contracts. To boost your natural referencing on seach engines, we are offering couple of things that will help you to get a better ranking:

1) SEO tab in pages configuration

When you are inside the page builder, click on the page configuration button in the left side of the screen, there you will see the list of pages of your website.
click on the cog icon near the first page in the list, then click on the SEO tab

The 2 most important things to do to improve your SEO is to set a good and unique Title and Description for each page. The optimal Title lenght is 70 characters. For the description the best length is 150 characters. The title should contain your brand name and a very short description about what you do. The description should give more details and be a call to action.


2) Auto Submit to search engines

Each time you create or modify an article of your blog, a product from your shop or when you republish your website AppDrag will auto-submit your sitemap (list of all your pages) to google and other search engines. Thanks to this system, your pages will be indexed really quickly, few hours to few days instead of few weeks!

3) Multilingual SEO

If your website is translated in several languages, AppDrag will automatically add necessary "hreflang" meta tags on your pages, this way your website will be perfectly indexed by search engines in each language. Finally an easy way to do Multilingual SEO.


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