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Looking for a free template for your restaurant's website?


07 March, 2017

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Hello everyone, Today, we offer you a new template for all the restaurant owners. It is essential today to have a website to develop your restaurant. This website must represent the image of your restaurant. This template will allow you to have a better visibility on the web and reassure your customers before they come to your restaurant. We will present you just below some interesting features of this template.
You can transmit informations with the blog to your customers. For exemple, if you have some new menus or if you change the decoration of your restaurant, or host an event you can create some article.
The blog will help you to retain your customers to return on your website but also improve your SEO.

You can easily show what kind of meal you do in your restaurant.
Starters, Main dishes, Deserts, ...

This template have also a SHOP, if you want to sale online, you can start right away!

We hope that you will enjoy the template. If you have any questions click here.
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