Do you have questions?

What is Database-as-a-Service?

Cloud Backend provide a Cloud SQL Database (100% compatible with MySQL) with high availability & security. You can Create tables, Add/Modify/Delete lines in the back office or use the simple and powerfull REST API to execute SQL Queries on your DB.

What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept debit and credit cards (through STRIPE). When you register a card with us, we do not keep the card number in our database, we only keep a card fingerprint to be able to renew your subscriptions if needed.

What is Function-as-a-Service?

Instead of renting a dedicated server or virtual machine, deploy your code on the cloud and forget about maintenance and security issues. You can write your cloud functions with Node.js, Java, Dot Net, Python and more to come soon (PHP, Go, Perl, ...)

Can I upgrade to another plan?

Of course, you can upgrade your plan any time during your subscription. Open the dashboard of your project then click on Backend and finally click on"Upgrade".

What are Tables & Rows

All our offers include unlimited numbers of tables. Tables are a database representation of a collection of things (Users, Leads, Orders, ...)
Depending on your plan, you can store a maximum number of rows across all your tables.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscrition, open the AppDrag dashboard, then click on your project then click on Backend then finally click on"cancel".

What is API calls per minute?

This is the number of API Queries you can make in 1 minute before being rate limited. This account SQL Queries to CloudDB & API Calls to Cloud Functions. If you expect more usage you can upgrade instantly at anytime, or downgrade based on your needs.

How long are your contracts?

All the plans can be paid monthly or annually. Of course you can always cancel your plan renewal at any time.​

What is Seconds of API Time?

SQL Queries or Cloud Functions take computation time to execute. Based on your queries and functions compute time will vary. Compute time is billed per slices of 100 milliseconds (ms) .
Ex: if you want to execute a query that take 100ms to execute and you execute it 5000 times, you will be billed for 5000*100 = 500 000 ms / 1000 = 500 seconds.

How to connect my website to my backend?

You can use AJAX to make queries with Javascript to your Cloud Backend. We provide few samples to help you start quickly.

We are also working on new documentations for CloudDB & API Builder. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.